TSP Scores with Its New Solutions Suite That Levels the Playing Field for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

(DALLAS) February 5, 2018 – From the introduction of blockchain to the onslaught of cracker attacks, small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are doing their best to keep up with all of the changes in the IT space. For the first time, SMBs have access to services that Fortune 500 companies have long taken for granted. TSP (Technology Service Professionals), an award-winning and customer-endorsed staffing and IT solutions company, today announced its new solutions for SMB clients.

“We know that one size does not fit all for most companies,” said Frank Gonzalez, co-founder and CEO of TSP. “The solutions and high-touch customer service that we have been able to provide to our enterprise clients is equally accessible by SMBs. The technology is just part of the solution; after 17 years in business, we know it is our people that make the difference.”

TSP’s new SMB-focused solutions include:

Backup & Disaster Recovery
140,000 hard drives fail in the United States each week. TSP’s Backup & Disaster Recovery service consists of a specialized team of solution architects and IT professionals skilled at putting together the best systems and tools to back up a small business’s unique IT environment. This service gives business owners peace of mind and the confidence that the data, backup and recovery will be there when they need it most.

IT Security
43 percent of hackers target small businesses. TSP’s IT Security service works with each company individually to plan, implement, audit, monitor and manage the entire cybersecurity infrastructure. In today’s world, data security isn’t something business owners can simply set and forget. TSP’s security professionals watch after their business around the clock, from end-to-end, continually working on their behalf to minimize risk and keep businesses safe.

Communication & Collaboration
The rise of the remote workforce and the transition from on-premise solutions to cloud computing has changed the way employees work. In fact, more than 60 percent of businesses use cloud computing as part of their IT systems. TSP’s new Communication & Collaboration service allows customers to effectively enhance communication, optimize collaboration and minimize risk while maximizing data availability with cloud-based technologies.

Desktop & Server Support
The industry-average customer support ticket resolution time is 82 hours. By utilizing TSP’s Desktop & Server Support, businesses can spend less time on routine maintenance, system upgrades and desktop/laptop configurations. Regardless of their server location — physical, virtual and/or cloud-based — TSP can support a company’s unique environment.

“Frank and I have been there,” said Rick Skaggs, co-founder and chairman of TSP. “We started as a small business and we know the challenges associated with growth. We want to help companies see their blind spots before it’s too late. Fortune 500 companies expect ‘white glove’ service and there is no reason why small business shouldn’t expect the same.”

To learn more about TSP’s newest SMB-focused solutions, please visit mytsp.net/solutions.

About TSP
TSP is an award-winning and customer-endorsed staffing and IT solutions company. Throughout the United States and Canada, we create custom, flexible and flawlessly executed IT solutions that amplify your team and simplify your service. From workforce recruiting and staffing to network, server and storage maintenance, we create an entirely positive, above and beyond service experience. We don’t manufacture devices or sell software. Our product is our people — dedicated and talented individuals focused on your long-term success above our short-term gain. To learn more, visit mytsp.net.

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